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Flamurtari - Petrolul bet

Written by Steff.


Last minute news from Albania: Captain Veliu (cen def), and Abilaliaj ( best forward) are out for Flamurtari.

Mendez debut today instead of Veli and local Shehaj will start in attack.

Flamurtari (Alb) - Petrolul (Rou)

Tip: 2 (AH +1) @ 2.02 3 units

Veshtir sot se kemi 2 mungesa te rendsishme Veliu-Abilaliaj sidomos Abilaliaj se sot kemi nevoj per sulm..sot do debutoj Mendez ne vend te Veliut dhe Shehaj ne ven te Abillaliajt te shpresojm